Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Slow Yes

Slow Yes

Let the objects and locations
around you grow stranger.

Let the road smack your foot
in the jaw when the cobblestone

is higher than you expected.
May the branches corkscrew

and twist as they reach away
from the trees that own them.

May you, a pedestrian, gesture
to cars to allow them to turn.

Doesn’t the insurance company
look bewitching in her bricks.

Doesn’t the nude light bulb
in the third floor of the vacant

building gleam with good health.
Keep trying tomato juice and olives

and whiskey (not together) in case
your taste buds reupholster themselves.

Keep hold of the year you were
born so you always know your age.


  1. You make wonderful use of the form of this as a blessing; the quirkiness impels reading, as does the imagery - "your taste buds reupholster themselves".

  2. Ahh..this is incredible...I did all those things you suggested...and for real I try to remember my birth year because otherwise I would not know my are the best!

  3. Great image-building!

    I read it slowly.

  4. I really liked the image of the painting as I read this, so evocative.

  5. Enjoy the imagery of '...the branches corkscrew and twist as they reach away from the trees that own them'. You did the same with 'How to make a waterfall'.
    I enjoy your ability to step away and 'be' what you're words are remembering what you saw.


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