Thursday, January 5, 2012



The jumbled geometry
of the skate park
collects snow in its
curves. No one skates
or lurks here today.
If the skaters were
out, there would be
at least one with a cast,
a swatch of dried blood
on a shin or chin. These
boys arrive pre-bruised,
marked by play.
They are used to crashing
into dirt or concrete.
Little blond Dennis
pedaling his trike around
the block becomes
more menacing the older
he gets, mopeds, cars.
Bart is safer on a
skateboard than on a
golf cart. The ground
doesn’t move if
they smash into it.
They keep trying to
swat something loose,
so we give them a
park with no trees
and listen to their
wheels growl as they
scrape across cement.


  1. "They keep trying to / swat something loose." Boyhood is a violence. Boys break things to discover their limits (some girls, too, I'm glad to note). The short lines slashed across syntax embody this well :-)

  2. I couldn't help picturing the little tow-headed cherub who came barreling at my daughter and me in Central Park. He pedaled his little trike as hard and fast as he could, narrowed his eyes and growled "Get outta my way!"

  3. I am always fascinated that they love the ground with no trees, the thought that crosses my mind when I see that extremely clever : )

  4. Love the Dennis the Menace reference. You are so clever Hannah.


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