Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goes Without Saying

Goes Without Saying

What goes without saying, some things
do. What should we know without
speaking. Can we differentiate when truth rings
out in all brains, and when we ferret it out

because it has been withheld from us.
How much direction do we need, the sign
saying Please Flush Toilet, not just
one, but several, to intercept any line

of vision: in the stall, near the faucet,
above the silver Dyson Airblade.
From the sign, the bathroom seems desperate
for you to agree with the rules it’s made.


  1. Desperate restrooms. Oh my goodness!

  2. Love, love, love! You put our daily thoughts into gorgeous verse, and I love for it! xoxo

  3. so many signs. so little need for thinking. it gets me to thinking that perhaps there is a reason, a great machine behind our distractions. oh, there is! it is an economical machine. we are dumb. we are stupid. we are distracted. we are consuming. oh, how the status quo shines!!


  4. Please forgive my shallow acronym reference but, LOL,LOL,LOL!
    Can I add a minor request?
    Please post the signs back up that say: Please Wash Hands!

  5. The image and your poem, along with nene's request, bring a laugh.

  6. Ha ha...this saying was just begging for you to do something with it...and that truly goes without saying. I would like to start a new phrase, 'that requires saying, precisely, step by step', because more and more I see that people require detailed instructions.... very cute Hannah, especially the desperate bathroom! : )

  7. Yes! Here's one: "look before crossing."


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