Tuesday, January 10, 2012



We gather an old shirt
and a pair of pants
and a hat, and build
a body from straw
and sticks, a snowman
in summer.

The sleeves catch
on the sharply-angled
sticks chosen to perform
as limbs, dangle, move
as if the man we’ve made
is moving to step down,
toward us.

The more we stare at him,
in that shirt we used to
see the back of in
the mornings, when
he stood at the counter,
pouring water from
a glass into the back
of the coffee maker--
the more we stare,
the more scared
we are.


  1. Fun artwork from which you drew your inspiration.

    Love the edge of menace in this.

  2. Interesting ending to me too. When I see scarecrows and I seldom do I always wonder if they really scare the crows because usually there is a couple perched on the top. I suppose wind is required to make it scary. Thank you for another lovely image. : )


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