Friday, September 23, 2011

Video: Ships Set Out

A Prezi for you (Prezi is a type of presentation software that allows zooming, and it is my new addiction) of my poem, "Ships Set Out." To view it, you have a couple of options. One option: click the "Play" button, and then move the cursor to the right side of the video onto "More," and click "Autoplay" (the video will play through without you having to press anything). The other option: Click the "Play" button, and then click the play button to move through the poem, line by line (after you've read each line). The circle button will allow you to zoom in on the very start of the poem (the title), or zoom out so you can see all of the text at once (if you get stuck here, press the "play" button).

Hope you enjoy it! And if you make a Prezi, be sure to share...


  1. I liked the presentation. It is the equivalent of an ideograph. Hannah, I felt seasick. (:--P)

  2. from Therese L. Broderick -- very cool zooming mode! The visual approach/retreat action suits the theme of this ship poem very well.

  3. This is cool Hannah. My favorite idea in this poem is that the ship itelf is land.


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