Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Home Row

Home Row

Home row. Middle C.
Hands on the wheel
at 10 and 2 can easily

slide to 11 and 3
or 9 and 1. The melody
is right, but not the key,

the shirt is closed,
but buttoned askew,
an extra hole exposed

and no button for it.
A shape and the new
shape it makes, shifted.

The clockwise gait
of the waltz, spinning
in order to navigate

the dancers around
the room, their feet
lifting and pushing down

as if signing the floor
in triplicate, pressing
equally to be sure

that the Windsor knot
of their name winds up
copied in the right spot.


  1. "The melody is right, but not the key" is my favorite line.

  2. I am with Susan ....though I love it all, the hands to the wheels : )

  3. Ooh, the maimings of typing class seem so cool and elegant in this soulless age (as I type this I hear the mellifluous hum of fingers on a nearby keyboard).

    And the way you wrestled a windsor knot into the conversation - brilliant!


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