Monday, September 26, 2011

Light House

Light House

Light, the mother tongue,
a tungsten tongue in
a glass mouth. The throat
opens, exhales heat into
the bulb and the voice
splashes out for our eyes.
Illuminated air and ground,
clarity, warmth. The world
makes room for us, we think,
shows us where to go with
light, walk here, live here,
drive here. We create the road
by pouring our headlights
over it so we can see and move.
And in the well-lit places
where the sun is not enough,
bulbs tell us to hurry, that
we are wanted there now.


  1. So great where this metaphor took you ... and us!

    "a tungsten tongue in / a glass mouth" is so vivid an image.

  2. I enjoy how you take such daily mundane actions and relay them with poetic prose.

  3. I will remember that about bulbs from now on and give them more respect...great way to start a new week with a lighthouse! Have a lovely week Hannah!

  4. I love today's image, and these words line "a tungsten tongue in
    a glass mouth." Like Mrs. Little Jeans I'll give the bulbs more respect now.

  5. The last four lines say it all, Hannah. We have become so dependent on technology. But they are abused sometimes. If only we can remember "how the world makes room for us." Bravo.


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