Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Something PM

Something PM

Delay it if you can
until something PM,

some late hour when
completing a task

feels like wizardry.
I’ll do it later, we can

say, so certain that
a later version of us

will own the tools
and know where

they are kept, and
how to use all of them

at once. Later means
there is more time

where this portion
came from, a silo

of time, a well of it
waiting for us when

we are ready. Then,
we go to it, gripping

lists of commands:
verb this noun, now,

we have written down
actions just so we can

scribble them out,
and at the other end of

accomplishment we will
wave a list still titled

To Do but unintelligible
thanks to our efficiency

and how reliably
our actions disappear.


  1. "Verb this noun now." Perfect. And, I do this all the time. Then, the later me isn't as efficient and energetic as I had envisioned her to be!

  2. Ah, the magical To Do list!

    Enjoyed this. As always!!

  3. "...some late hour when completing a task feels like wizardry." I will find a way to use this phrase in a sentence today.

  4. Oh gosh, this is incredible. I seem to use 'a later version of mine' a lot, somehow not trusting my current version. Genius as always! : )


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