Friday, March 25, 2011

Video: Sign-Off

The debut of the Flipcam!

I have to say---I am very happy that I purchased it last week. It is exceedingly simple to use and I'm quite satisfied with the quality.

Last weekend, I attended "Domestic Matters," a dance performance set against an art installation at the OSU Urban Arts Space. It was such a gorgeous experience--sensitively and articulately danced within and around extremely evocative art (Converse was inspired by one set of dances that took place on a floral-wallpapered climbing wall).

Mair Culbreth is responsible for the choreography, and Nicole Bauguss created the art pieces (both have kindly given me permission to post the video). Before the performance started, I wandered around the space, and shot some video of the different vignettes that stand around the gallery. All clips shown here come from that exhibit.

This week's video poem is "Sign-Off," a fairly recent one. I've also added some music that I played this time, as an experiment. What are your thoughts about video poems and sound? Do you prefer to hear the poem and watch it in video poems, or to have silence, or to have sound and/or music? Really curious to hear your opinions.

I do love playing with technology to make new things from my has been so much fun to create this video, layer by layer (image, then text, then transitions, then creating the music and recording all of its layers).

Hope you enjoy the video, and that all is well in your world.


  1. Wow Hannah - it's amazing to see your already quite immense poetic talents take off and develop even further! How cool. Those images plus your words (and original music too!) work really well together.

  2. Yes! I really enjoyed that. Very well done, you should be very proud. It's a fine video.

  3. I like it al, the words, the music, the video.

    I love the never ending bed spread in the last scene.

  4. Beautiful. The music is gorgeous.

    I find that I like some kind of sound. I usually have a layer or two of sound beneath the voice... not always music. Sometimes just the sound of a car's engine or in one video static and some mellow feedback from a bass guitar.

  5. I am thoroughly engaged by your multimedia approach. I've seen a lot of video work by poets, and sometimes they seem over-the-top; as if the poet, deep in their heart of hearts, really wants to be a hip-hop artist.

    Your multimedia work manages to preserve the feel of the written word, while adding another dimension to how we can appreciate it. Wonderful.

    Someday, when I have the time, I will try to do my own. It's all your fault. And thank you.


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