Thursday, March 3, 2011



What part of your day delighted you,
the gasoline lunging into the tank
and how it stops itself before spilling,
its restraint. Pale headlights streaming
down the freeway like white blood cells.
The small cemetery you pass each day
but have never wandered through.

What gave you trouble. The universe
speaking to you through a song
on the radio. The stuffy room.
The geese. Dates flicking their tails
as you chase them for their significance.

Can you close your eyes to this.
Can you ease the day away from you.
Withdraw your hands from these tangles,
good night, good night, you will be ready
to return sooner than you think.


  1. Wonderful portrayal of a day for someone as it streams by then, 'good night'.

  2. Wonderful details in an excellent poem, Hannah.

  3. Le sigh. So lovely. It feels like reading a lullaby. Beautiful, Hannah.xo

  4. We all have a cemetery like the one you mention. This poem made me think that we all have certain checkpoints that, no matter how disturbing some of them may be, can be counted on to always be there. It's almost like it gives us reasons to live when we've had a bad day.
    This is SO MUCH your next video project!!

  5. I love this. It's the way a day goes. The delight, the trouble. The relief at the end along with the prep for tomorrow.

  6. You capture both the simple joys and the troubling frustrations, that may seem minor, but mar the day; all let go, as we allow ourselves to relax into sleep. I'm curious about the geese.

  7. This is my new favorite...and I can easily close my eyes to all of it, I am so tired by sleep time. xoxo

  8. I am so happy (and grateful)I included your blog in my list of daily reading. I will read it, too, at sign-off time. (Or "return sooner than I think." (:-) This poem is one of the reasons. Bravo, H.

  9. It's always the little things, like a stuffy room and the new daffodils outside my window, that bother and delight. Lovely poem.

  10. This is a wonderful poem, Hannah!

  11. "The universe
    speaking to you through a song
    on the radio" - funny, I feel this nearly daily.

    And the last stanza, girl, it's a beauty.

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