Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bread Machine

Bread Machine

Because you got married,
I brought you this bread machine.

While I bought it, I thought
of the two of you. I held the image

of your kitchen in my heart
while comparing the boxed appliances.

There were four options, but
this one was meant for you, the others

stepped back into the shadow
of toasters and blenders, of these robots

that embrace or shred our food.
Your bread maker calls itself a home bakery,

its baking cycle can be delayed
for 12 hours, which means you can use

it as an alarm clock if you are
able to stir from sleep by fragrance only.

Do not read allegory into this
gift. Marriage is not like a bread machine.

But these wedding gifts will
tell you what we all want for you: rooms.

The room is the realm
of marriage, the pillowcase, the curtain,

the vase and coffee grinder.
We can help you process your food, do not

touch the ingredients, newlyweds.
No one is an appliance, I think we mean to say,

and no relationship a machine.
I want so much for you both to knead this.


  1. I love, love, love this poem. I think I'm going to use it as a poetry prompt for myself: "Marriage is a bread machine . . ." hmmm.


  2. First of all: Quite clever, again ...'want so much for both of you to knead this'(cute).

    Second: I think you just exposed one of the reaons why(in most cases)men don't like going shopping with their wives; because they spend this much time thinking of who what and why's before buying. Pheww!!! It's very understanding of "y'all" but us guys have couch sports to watch, K?

    Third: are you sure marriages are not much like bread machines; sometimes they make warm bread many times they're left unplugged (snicker).

  3. A really wonderful poem, Hannah. I think there's no truer line than "The room is the realm/ of marriage...."

    Laughed at Nene's comments. Appreciated your wordplay.

  4. I had to laugh- I am glad no one got me a bread machine because I would have to regift! I like the room part...what would you have wanted to receive? xx

  5. This is another winner. I am consistently stunned by the daily quality of your work. (And I love my bread machine.)

  6. **Cymbals***

    Buh duh buh.

    Love the last line in all its winking, corny glory.

    All of our wedding gifts (the small appliances, the plates, the goblets) were sold at a garage sale when we moved to Alaska. We don't miss them. We've floated so much, you'd think we've transcended the material matrimony - but sometimes I think back to opening all of those lovely, thoughtful things (that we asked for, on a computerized list), and I feel a slight ache for the younger us.

    Thank you for yet another beautiful work!

  7. Love the last line especially. Think of all the bread machines that have ended up at thrift stores!

  8. hehehe 'knead this' I love it.


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