Friday, March 18, 2011

Audio: Comfy

I have another audio post for you today. This time, I've read "Comfy", which I posted fairly recently.

When I wrote this poem, I had noticed several people saying the word, "comfy." What struck me was the similarity in their intonation and body language while speaking, and my own, when I've said it. While saying this word, almost everyone shrugs their shoulders and pulls their arms closer to their bodies, like we are hugging ourselves. It's funny how we comfort ourselves with certain words and ideas, and how we invoke comfort through childlike language.

To listen to "Comfy," click here.

I also wanted to mention that I'm looking forward to creating more videos here. I did get an exciting toy today--a shiny new Flip cam--yippee! I can't wait to experiment with it.

Hope your weekend is fun. Or at least comfy....


  1. Just five more minutes...

    Sigh. I'll be thinking of my comfy blankets all day now.

  2. ok, this has to be my favorite
    1. I love your voice
    2. is this relevant for this week or what? I felt all week as if the floor boards were pulled out from under my feet because of the Japan situation
    3. I do feel the wanting of 5 extra minutes each morning
    4. I know it does not last...sigh
    5. I did not know that people shrugged hugged themselves when they said is kind of funny
    I hope you have a lovely weekend

  3. I like the word "comfy" too, it's a wintery word, though, don't you think?

    I'm off to listen to your poem now!

    Happy weekend, poetess!

  4. OK, I'm back to say that was a fabulous reading and poem! Loved every word.

  5. Fantastic and powerful poem! The word "Comfy" sets us up for soft blankets, and you give us reality. The images are so strong, and as always, your pacing is excellent.

    Yes, comfort is an illusion, isn't it? And life is random, often so hard. I guess that's why we yearn for the extra five minutes or those moments when we do feel secure.

    Hannah, you are an awesome poet. I look forward to all your new audios. Comfy weekend to you!

  6. i am jealous of your flip cam! good works-

  7. Glad to hear you got a video camera! As you may have heard, Moving Poems is running a contest...


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