Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday, September 24, 2009: Ffffound! Quoted from Boing Boing

For mending to set, leave it alone
For a few days. Allow the glue to dry.
Do not test the strength of stitches
In fabric or skin. Let the bandage’s
Edges remain unnudged. We are talking

About trust here, friend. It would
Be best to carry yourself with caution,
At least for the next however many
Weeks. Discomfort is normal—expect
Some tingling, and try to be patient.


  1. I know I always comment on your content rather than your poesy, but the truths you write belie your tender age. How true this one is, and how wise. As Paul McCartney (who could have married me at any point in his career had he only asked) and you paraphrase, "Let it be." The healing can hurt worse than the injury.

  2. I like the voice in this one. I think it's probably brought about mainly by the 'friend' part; that is, the momentum of that carries through to the rest of the poem. I dig it.

  3. Wonderful poem. Tightly focused, snugly said. Really like it for the quality of sound and rhythm, and for the wisdom.


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