Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday, September 25, 2009: Notcot #25051


In the Dallas Cowboys stadium,
the new one, a screen floats above the field.
It replicates the action, nearly
life-sized, and in high definition.

It is easier to watch the screen.
Even that little bit of distance helps the eye
hobble onto the field, process the colours:
green, white, blue, cavernous black,

silver and yellow. The cameras
guide us through the game. Meanwhile,
the Cowboys run and tumble and throw
below themselves, their own reflection.

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  1. ha, yes! You know, I can probably guess at the answer of this, and as someone who isn't a sports fan, it won't ever really satisfactorily answer my question, but I've always wondered. What's the point of going to a game and then watching them on a screen? haha.


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