Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Tuesday, September 15, 2009: Notcot # 24887

Someone watches the ocean,
The peak of a wave,
And thinks,
I’ll stand on that.

He buys a surfboard,
Arrives at an almost empty beach.
He envisions the flat plank
Skimming through the ocean’s surface,
Like a knife through meringue.

This is only the first day,
Before he will swallow a liter
Of the sea,
Before he is dropped into the water
Like a sugar cube into tea.

Fight the urge to look away
And revisit him in a week and half,
When mastery is beginning to settle in.
Stay with this process,
The sputtering, the bruises.


  1. The last stanza--like watching a loved one go through pain. "The sputtering, the bruises." It is a privilege to see the process unfold, seeing muscles strengthen, souls become resilient, hearts become capacious.

    What an artist you are.


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