Monday, September 14, 2009

Monday, September 14, 2009: Quoted from Robin F. Williams-BOOOOOOOM!

Survivor from the party,
The Mylar balloon droops

Slightly below eye level.
I bat it between my hands

With moderate force,
More than you would think

Would be required to juggle
Air encased in metalized film.

I palm it like a basketball
And press the sides together

Until the silver strains,
An inflatable mirror.

Who thought to decorate
With compressed air,

Cupped in balloons, whispers
Under curled hands, into ears.

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  1. Sometimes it takes poetry to examine images and life as we sometimes accidentally examine words. Just the other night, my girlfriend voiced with amazement that titanic literally means like a titan, the Greek gods.

    That's what I think a poem like this does, in examining something so simple as a mylar balloon.


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