Tuesday, June 2, 2015


"destinari. 2002," 2014, by Emilio Nanni


The spiders who make the cobwebs
are another sort of bird entirely
than birds are another class of
crawling entity They are dainty
You will never see one working
but know they are industrious
They steal their filament from you
speck by speck Just like you they
are an organism furtively believing
in themselves In the importance
of their work They live in the
sleeping room the spirit realm
the basement When I utter their
name Cobwebbers there should
be no fear in you No fear in you
at all A natural byproduct of their
dusty thread is peace

[Image above by Emilio Nanni]


  1. Hannah,
    You show & share such great artwork (and poems too, of course).

    1. Thanks so much, Drew! :) I appreciate it. Hope all is well!


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