Friday, March 14, 2014

Quiet Collection

On the board in my classroom this week when I walked in....

The Dickinson Quiet Space at #AWP14 



An assortment of quiet things I've stared at in the last couple of weeks.

And you, friends? Has this week been noisy or calm?


  1. every day i'm cognizant and careful not to catch the 'disease' and in the last two weeks I've spent much time in a quiet space staring at bristling icicles outside my place. the noise i've witnessed has been in the world news and the grey that has envoloped the soul. but the sun is sneaking its fingers through the grey cotton wear and soon a smile shall evince on my face.

    this i profess

    have a nice weekend, mi amiga

  2. Are we in the midst of a talking epidemic? I think so, but then again, the birds . . . ???


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