Friday, June 21, 2013

Contest: #kettleshriek

To celebrate the release of my book, In the Kettle, the Shriek, I’m holding a contest.

1. Read the 8-line poem (the title poem of the book!), found below.

2. Take a photo or short video that somehow responds to a line, word, or idea from the poem.

(For example, the whale in the above video refers to the second line, "In smooth gums, the teeth.")

3. Share the photo or video (through Twitter, Instagram, Vine, or YouTube), with this hashtag: #kettleshriek.

If you post the image/video to your own blog, post the link here in the comments. (Feel free to include the part of the poem you’ve chosen in your post--but you don’t have to.)

You have until midnight, July 12 to share what you create, as many entries as you like.

I’ll pick three to receive a signed copy of the book (I’ll get in touch with you and ask for your address), with special surprises tucked inside (woohoo!). I’ll also feature some of the posts here on The Storialist.


In the Kettle, the Shriek

In the kettle, the shriek.
In smooth gums, the teeth.

In a heart, the hole.
In the flat page, the fold.

In the skin, the scar.
In quartz or flint or granite, the spark.

In juniper, the gin.
In the shut window, the wind.

Happy creating! The video above is my silly example (silly is good).


  1. Of your poems, this is one of my absolute favourites. So glad you picked it out as the title poem!

  2. great poem and great competition, I'll get my thinking hat on!

  3. hello - got here as one of matt kish's admirers and blog followers; i too will send brain [+] to fetch and see what [it] comes up with...

  4. Thanks, Sam! It feels like the heart of the collection (with no hole in it).

    Wonderful, Juliet! I was hoping you'd make something.

    Welcome, voicenovoice....thanks for stopping by from Matt's blog. Playing fetch with one's brain always results in fun creations. Looking forward to seeing what you make!

  5. I gave it a try - going to post my attempt on Twitter now.

  6. Just got it in on time! I'll tweet the link too! That was a fun idea for a competition!


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