Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Headed for the Rhubarb

Headed for the Rhubarb

Latitude and longitude, dude,
platitudes and longing. Diet
and exercise. You can be in
control of yourself. Write
an article called “Five Easy
Steps to Fulfillment in Five
Minutes with Five Illustrations
Symbolizing Happiness.” No
research needed, use words like
plenty and make sure to. Be vague
so you can forget how bad
the brambles and briars sting.
It’s not meaning we are after,
just the sound of meaning,
Drink eight glasses of water.
Sleep eight hours. Leafy greens
and friends, and family, and
oxygen, and vacation. Get away
for the weekend. Even Shiva
the Destroyer feels despair, and
needs to be sent home for the day.


  1. Exactly! Re: platitudes. Glad to see Shiva in there, too.

  2. You have a definite knack for combining truth and humor.

  3. as in "stop her Knute, she's headud fuh the rhubahb" - a great New England expression. I'm puzzling over this, which is always better than drinking eight glasses of whateveroughta. All's I know is that Shiva may not attend too many new age gatherings, but he spends a lot of time in group therapy, crying his eyes out. He drinks your rhubarb milkshake!

  4. "It's not meaning we are after, / just the sound of meaning." Is there a greater truth than this in so much of what passes for good writing today?

    Lots to crack a smile at here.

  5. Funny! I never heard of the expression "headed for the rhubarb" and now I'm wondering if that's supposed to be describing that image or this poem?


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