Wednesday, June 13, 2012



Baby, all the best come-ons
start with baby, because when
you want somebody they become
smaller, more adorable and
attainable. Miss Universe onstage
and Miss Microbe in her robe
in your bedroom. It’s awfully
cavernous in the Milky Way,
so we make our houses into
swaddling cloths. This is
where the magic happens,

we’re joking, but we are also
forced to say it by our mouths,
and sex and sleep and dreams
happen to us and this is the magic
we chase and chase. C’mon,
baby, come back to my crib,
my place that is as beautiful
as a baby’s bed, walls to keep us
from toppling out.


  1. Aw, that last line made me laugh delightedly. You turned a tired come-on line into something sweet.

  2. Love it! Now I see where "this is where the magic happens" came from. I don't think I want to meet Miss Microbe.


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