Monday, October 12, 2015


"Page 38/90," 2015, by Missy Dunaway

Horoscope for my son not yet born

This is the sign you will be
I hear you are the explorer sign I hear you
are half-human half-animal although right now
you gallop in place because you are still dreaming
yourself into being Or maybe you are the dream
My body the sleeper You are the unleashed arrow
of the zodiac Baby you will be blunt
This week you are the size of a squash
and so in vogue On every menu squash this
and pumpkin that This week little horse you may
flip and prop your feet up on the headboard
of my ribs Mid-month you will receive fantastic
career news and as the month ends you will also
be getting ready to finish and ship a professional project
Baby when you are born you will be so unprofessional
thank God This is the week we paint your room
and I’ve ordered you stars for the wall to introduce
you to the sky Meteors will come this week but
the clouds will keep them from us Sunburnt rock parts
will stream over us and although we cannot see them we know
they are there There is nowhere I can read about you
to see what you will be

[Image above by Missy Dunaway]

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