Friday, October 16, 2015

Bookmarks List/Bedside Table

"Reading at the Shelburne Farms Library,"

Currently reading and enjoying:

-The Father Of The Arrow Is The Thought, by Christopher DeWeese
-The Dancer’s Notes, by Wendy McVicker
-This harrowing, scary essay, "How Doctors Take Women's Pain Less Seriously," by Joe Fassler at The Atlantic. This piece feels important.
-This lovely, melancholy short essay, “Home, Not Home” by Nikki Reimer
-This collection of “Handlettered Logos from Defunct Department Stores” (from Christian Annyas’s design blog). I’m not so much “reading” this one as gazing at it in admiration…so much fascinating design content (especially about typography) on this blog!

And you, friends? Have you had the time to read for pleasure lately? Hope that your weekend is full of good times, good people, and good vibes!

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  1. I am reading Sandra Cisneros latest collection of short pieces (excellent) and am about to start a book about Dickinson.


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