Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Beth Dow's "In the Garden"

"Apples, Sissinghurst"

"Arch, Great Dixter"

"Allée, Boboli Gardens"
"Hillside, Waddesdon Manor"

       I bookmarked this beautiful photo series by Beth Dow, called "In the Garden" a little while ago. She photographed formal gardens, and as she says in her statement, her images are not "depictive." She explains, "I use the land before me as a jumping off point, implying light or shadow where perhaps there was none, as a way to create my own path through the garden. In fact, by positioning the lens, cropping my prints, and using burning and dodging to guide the viewer’s eye through a picture, I feel that I too am a gardener in a sense."

Wander through the whole series here, on her site.

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