Tuesday, March 17, 2015


"Ten Weeks by the Sea (Recollection of Parallel Intervals)," 2014, Mikko Rikala


I forbid you from talking of weather
Let us rid ourselves of skin within temperature
mood within flesh husk

Let us scoop out with a rough spoon
from our language
what day it is
what time alights on us and sparrows past

We will disseminate all encyclopedias
all bus timetables and maps
They must lose their modesty for our sake

If we could say
what we wanted to say
how would that sound

[Image above by Mikko Rikala]


  1. Love that last stanza. And really appreciate how you've shown the art right with the poem. Makes the visual and poetic experience even stronger.

    1. Oh, thank you, Drew! I have been hesitant to include art here, but I do think it is helpful and fun. And I figure that as long as I include credits and links, I won't be rude in sharing an artist's work directly. Thanks for your thoughts!


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