Monday, March 30, 2015

Beautiful, Legible, Joyful: Calligrapher Martin Jackson

In addition to being a gifted, experienced calligrapher, Martin Jackson is ridiculously effervescent and charming and joyful. “We should try to make our letters dance,” he explains, and absolutely, he does.

Stop whatever you are doing and enjoy his talk at Creative Mornings. He does some live calligraphy, and it’s just beautiful to watch the letters blooming under his fingers. I so admire his playfulness and deep love of his craft!

I have notoriously horrendous handwriting (it’s always a joke to my friends, family, and students—they get the worst of it!), but I certainly appreciate the art and value of language contained by the human hand. This week, maybe I’ll even try to do some writing longhand. It won’t be pretty, but it might be useful.


  1. Wonderful! He's so amusing, too. How I wish I had his skill.

  2. Me too, Maureen. So charismatic, isn't it?


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