Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Another Life

"Original Collage," 2015, Mary Jo Hoffman

Another Life

And where your skin has been stretched
thin this is an occasion to love you more

says the light to what it permeates
I puppet the light to help me hear it

Whenever I see a notch in the reptilian skin
of the tree pooling into the ground I see

the perfect place to call home if you were
a chipmunk If the tree were less blemished

fewer animals could survive within it
How did the word blemish arise Was there

ever a sound untouched thing Smooth and
intact The golden curved cheek or lip

lustrous under a Flemish painter’s hand
Nowhere on this earth is there a creature

an object a speck a cell without flaw for
it is existence that damages us into being

[Image above by Mary Jo Hoffman]


  1. Lovely. And Hoffman's work is wonderful.

  2. That opening lines---so beautiful & fit perfectly with the collage you generously included here. I have been blog-stalking your place & poetry for quite a time now just like what I normally did to others. Today, I can't help but say something how adorable your language is to my ears. Thanks for the poem!

    - ksm


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