Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The Nostalgic Will Inherit the Earth

The Nostalgic Will Inherit the Earth

Oh I had forgotten
until just now that lovely element
of what occurred

and now that I miss it
it hurts a little
I have bruised my own heart

Without these thoughts
what would happen for the humans

The past becomes the beloved

Fainter and more precious

We chase the boats leaving the shore
by setting out in a boat

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  1. That last couplet is a big league home run! Also, at the beginning, the emotional "Oh" and "lovely" lead to the somewhat formal "element of what occurred" in a surprising, wonderful way. Your'e reminding me of someone here. A touch of Bishop? Dickinson? I also like "the humans," as if it's another species. Lots goin' on here, Hannah--both soft and hard.


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