Monday, April 28, 2014

Alice and Wonderland

Alice and Wonderland

There’s Alice and there’s Wonderland
She can never return

She’s thirty-six She rinses lettuce
for a salad in the kitchen which lets
her mind climb up past the spider plant
lolling in its harness above the window

              Did I dream it

The question always finds her
as a coiled labyrinth hisses out
for those who have escaped


  1. Oh, I've missed reading you!
    The image of the spider plant...I love it. Hope you're well old friend!

  2. "lolling in its harness above the window" - I love the music in this line, and the rhythm and imagery of the poem. Poor Alice. This poem, in few words, makes me feel for her- for me- for us. This is a great poem.


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