Friday, April 25, 2014

Piece of a Poem

Botticcelli Magazine (the literary magazine at CCAD, where I teach) offered us little rolled-up pieces of poems in the hallway this past week. We were invited to take one to carry around with us. Here's what I received.

It is indeed amazing how so few words can alter our experience of the day (I also loved seeing someone else's handwriting implies a loving act of reading and generosity).

What poem have you carried in your pocket? What words would you offer up in a basket?


  1. Oh, Hannah, I like this -- the handwritten, tuck-away poem! I carried Stephen Dunn's "Sweetness" in my pocket.

  2. Love the quote. May need to use it for an epigraph for a small collection I'm assembling.

    I've been off the grid this week, on a visit to NYC, where I had occasion to read Wednesday night with the wonderful poets Angela Alaimo O'Donnell, Scott Edward Anderson, and L.L. Barkat. I had a great time.


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