Monday, August 12, 2013

To Invent Time, Look Up

To Invent Time, Look Up

The moon changes
so we measure the change down here

by it. Actually, the moon never changes
but how else are we supposed

to process shadow, the darkness
which will eat everything

out of our sky.
Humans are so cute,

we can hold in us
a crush on the universe

and still wash every dish
from the meal we just ate tonight.


  1. Thank you for saying that humans are so cute..sometimes I am not so fond...and, you are so right, I am a serious moon watcher and always wondering about how we change down here because of it...hope it is a lovely week for you in your corner of the world : )

  2. Nice mix of images and ideas. And who knew one could get away with "cute" in a poem. It's just right here.


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