Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I Have Thought of Everything

I Have Thought of Everything

I have thought of everything,
I have thoughts of everything.
You can pack for possibilities,
picnic basket that is actually
a grocery cart. Band-aids
and antibacterial ointments
and wipes for your hands to
remove the ointment and a bag
for the mess you’ll accumulate.
Every need: anticipated. Fear
can be crumpled up and chucked
and knowing what can happen
makes you strong and fearful
at the same time, guard dog
that’s never been off the leash.
Cure the worry you feel by
making a list, everything will
happen, every day will happen
with the normal velocity of
the week, Monday tumbling
after Sunday so beautifully
as if you were the one urging
time forth.

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  1. This truly speaks to me and my need for control and lack of it.


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