Wednesday, August 7, 2013

More Things Don’t Happen

More Things Don’t Happen

How wondrous, all the things that do not happen.
The floor doesn’t cave in, even with you stomping
like that, your clothes fit, they stay on your body,
your skin stays on, your skeleton stays in and hitched
together properly. Every day, pumpkins do not transform
into carriages, or any things other than pumpkins
that grow and are taken away. Pumpkins stay
pumpkins, people stay people, gravity works
in exchange for pennies, our existence. There are
colors. There are ducks. You can be alive for every hour
today, no wild animals will climb into your windows,
frothily roaring, whole days go by before you feel fear,
and then you stop feeling it. An infinite number of ghosts
refrain from visiting you, so if one slips in, you’re doing
remarkably well.


  1. Funny and true. I like your perspective, Hannah.

  2. Ha ha...just today when Ollie walked in for a split second at that early morning hour I thought he was a tiger cub and I gasped. Ok, I will be more thankful for the everyday things though I have to say many things do happen too...Love your poems..each and every one. I especially like being alive for every hour today. : )

  3. An optimistic way of focusing on the negative...cleverly thought-out...

    What a reasoned view, that one bad thing may not be that bad based on potential other stuff.


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