Monday, March 11, 2013

Rose Window

Rose Window

Here, right here,
I will let the light glitter for you
blue, and violet, and red.
I will set the air on fire for you,
I will give you a place
to pause.

Here, I will show you light
and air already there,
how the emptiness
can turn luminous.

All of this is for you.
When you stop to look up
at the rose window I have made you,
it is where I stood to admire
what we have been making together,
you in your century,
me in mine.


  1. Loved reading your poem, seeing the rose window you made there, remembering others I have seen, and then, finally, clicking on the image, for yet another experience...and surprise.

  2. This poem (!) is a perfect demonstration of how imagination - like the turquoise mysteriously added to the painting - leads us to conceive of the oneness - how the "you" and "me" are the same, separated only to create the possibility of longing.

  3. I made a big mistake, at least for me--clicked on the picture before reading the poem. I like the picture a lot, and I think I like the poem, but now I can't separate it from its source. That's enough to consternate and constipate a quasi-New Critic. However, I can say without hesitation of tomfoolery that I love the idea in your last three lines.


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