Monday, March 18, 2013



Even while surrounded by ice,
there is buried water not frozen,

never freezing. Floating in the dark
brine, sealed off from humans,

microorganisms, mouths full of
saltwater cud. A scientist learns

this, hollers out, delighted. Rejoice:
even in the most inhospitable places,

life. Rejoice: for this means that
out on Jupiter’s icy, smooth moon,

maybe microorganisms, too. It is
possible we could be less alone.


  1. and no doubt our scientists will make sure we damage Europa....

    Lovely poem and I think it's quite awe inspiring to think of life on that frozen moon....

  2. Your "saltwater cud" is a wonderful image.

    I hope we always have the mystery of never quite knowing if life exists elsewhere in the universe.

    Wonderful artworks by Dextras. I did not know of her. Some of the images are amazing. Love "Iceshifts".


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