Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Shapeshifters

The Shapeshifters

You forget how good at this
we are. You get used to looking
at the canyon through our
skeletons. We rewire you.
We delete your memories of us
moving, dragging the metal cords
through the valley behind us
like silver, dug-up root systems.
You’re lucky we let you keep
your Turners and Bierstadts.


  1. I love the ending threat, like, "We really could invade those, too..."

  2. An eerie, "Dark City" metaphysics on the head of a pin that hangs precariously over the orange vastness of the Grand Canyon.

    We are not so lucky we get to keep our Ugs and Birkenstocks (in my opinion).

  3. Your opening here is probably as ominous as any opening I've ever read. Superb. I'm good with rest, too, until the last two lines--with William's help, I'm guessing a pop culture allusion?


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