Monday, September 24, 2012

Mr. and Mrs. Can of Worms

Mr. and Mrs. Can of Worms

Mr. and Mrs. Can of Worms
have his-and-hers worms,

monogrammed with a blue
or purple cursive W.

There are the parties they plan
and the parties that they have.

They have a hot air balloon
coupon, expired for a few

years now, still in an envelope
in a drawer. They coo and dote

over the aloe plant, renounce
chemical cleaners for two ounces

of white vinegar in a spray bottle
mixed with water. A lover’s squabble

is what they call their wormy wrath,
withered and soft from a long bath.


  1. I love the concept embodied in the clever title! And the detail about parties . . . And a coupon for a hot air balloon ride--it's not just anybody who has one of those. Once again some very natural rhymes (I didn't notice them for an embarrassingly long time).

  2. Excellent touch with the sound-carry (hers/worms/purple/cursive; bottle/water/squabble). These, and the other rhymes, were nicely natural.


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