Monday, September 17, 2012

The Blessing Over Pleasure

The Blessing Over Pleasure

Body, here is wine, water, bread, cake,
pink and violet buttercream roses,
rainbow sherbet, powdered sugar-
strewn funnel cakes. Espresso
and a hovering orange, peel unraveling
in the air as it spins, slowly.
Grey sky, red leaves, brown branches,
breeze. Not the F word, the F chord,
the reach. Fingers, and skin, the layers
of sensation that I must pass through
to live. Maple syrup in these veins
and apples and butter and cinnamon
with their hands all over me, that I
might float to windowsill where the pie
cools, calling for me, my desire. 


  1. i begin to realize how body body is, how spirit body is, how unreal everything is and how real everything is.

    the F word is counterintuitive to the holy body, however, the holy body is not counterintuitive to making love and if we are awake and alive (truly awake and alive) we are always making love.)))

    a wonderful exploration, hannah. an important one. books should be written on the body and we might just learn something about...everything. i laugh.


  2. From "espresso" to "pass through" is to me much more powerful--and simply more interesting--than what comes before or after. Might you end at "their hands all over me"? That too has power, in spite of the sweetnes.

    Would you rather I not ask such questions? I never feel confident about blog protocol in general, much less what it is that individual bloggers would like.

  3. Thank you for these comments.

    John-Banjo, I appreciate your feedback! Hearing your genuine response is very helpful to me.


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