Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Outfield Wall

The Outfield Wall

When the left fielder
smashes into the outfield wall

cranium-first, the medic sprints out
and crouches next to him,

close, studying the player’s face
like he loves him. Maybe the crowd

goes away for the men, and the game,
there is only the green wall,

the red dust, the green field,
words, and pain. We can’t hear

the player but we know what he says:
here’s how it happened,

and here’s how it feels. What it is
and then what it is like.


  1. I love the huge empathy in this.

    Also, I just read The Art of Fielding.

  2. such a moment of intimacy born in an unexpected time. what if this happened to our world. OH! i think just now what a wonderful movie or hell, book this would make. there is always a story about an infection, usually that drives people mad. what if it drove them to intimacy? what then? it almost frightens me to think it might go badly...



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