Monday, July 2, 2012

Charm Bracelet

Charm Bracelet

When we re-encounter an object
from a memory, and find it exists
exactly as we picture it, why do
we feel triumphant.

The little gold piano on the charm bracelet
my mom was given for her 16th birthday,
that my sister and I played with as children,
opening and closing the tiny hinged lid
of the piano like a locket.

Yesterday, when I saw the bracelet again
my impulse was to slide my fingernail
between the seam of the piano, to lift
its lid. Before I could, my mom told me
The piano won’t open, your sister already

Even when no one else is challenging
what we recall, we feel like shouting,
I knew I was right! One part of us doubts.
The other clings.


  1. This one brought back memories of my Grandmother's charm bracelet, complete with a little compartment for her mad money.

    Love that image.

  2. I certainly share your conclusion's idea--an important thing psychologically. I've found that most things from the past are small or otherwise disappointing, compared to the memory, but the exceptions are wonderful surprises--like the southern Ohio hills, which CHARM me out of thinking about the poverty and red-state thinking. I don't think I have anything as small as your bracelet with its power. Clearly, I like your topic. Do you know D.H. Lawrence's poem "The Piano"?

  3. A "charming" poem! (Forgive me, but it really is! It charmed me!)

  4. Love this to bits, Hannah.


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