Thursday, July 26, 2012

Guess You Have to Be There

Guess You Have to Be There

In the Icy Deadlands,  
they will uncover a frozen city,
mummies in pizzerias,
mummies holding cell phones,
one perfectly preserved hot dog vendor,
red-shirted, holding tongs.

You’re not laughing
yet, because you are frozen,
but also because you don’t live
here now. You don’t know
the Deadlands like they do.


  1. Hilarious, in a creepy sort of way.

  2. You've been changing your tune lately--I'm not sure how to describe it. More acidic? Darker? The poems are even visually different. I like the last three, but this is my favorite. For me, the thud is bigger here. Also, I sometimes play the game of wondering what the Martians would think of this or that quirk or catastrophe in our human scene/history. I feel less alone after reading this, but not at all comforted! Where's my lullaby, Hannah?!


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