Friday, June 1, 2012

Text Art: Spitting Image

A happy weekend to you, full of images and reflection.

I pass this building/water feature on my way home often, and keep envisioning letters floating above it (Thanks to Photoshop for helping with my low-budget installation!). While I was taking the photo for this, the security guard for the building wandered over, asking, " are you doing?" I told him, "No need to be alarmed....I just like the way this looks, so I'm taking a picture." He was friendly, but I'm sure a bit confused. I have to confess that it's a little fun to unintentionally weird people out sometimes.


  1. I imagine this as being very serene but the addition of text certainly adds interest.

    I always have to wonder when a security guard sees someone shooting a picture and asks what the person is doing. I suppose it's possible a camera could be used for nefarious purposes.

  2. It's funny....I think it's surprisingly beautiful (and just corporate "art," to my knowledge). It's in front of this insurance building...surprisingly lovely. I have always envisioned some public work of art there, for some reason.

  3. Pedant Cat says it should be "spit and image."


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