Monday, June 18, 2012



How many flash bulbs. How much film.
How many pictures will I want to take.

How much paper, how many pens.
Who will be there, will someone

lend me a pen if I need one.
What will I think while I look

around the room, who will I notice.
Who is selecting a dress, like me.

Who will arrive at the nightclub
when I do. Will we notice

each other, whose coat will mine
rub up against in the coat check.

All of you could be anyone,
I want to be ready for you,

for your bone structure and
the way you close your eyes

during that song. How do I prepare
to meet that moment I will want

to yank out of line by the collar
and slam my light against.


  1. This really put me in the mind of the narrator.

  2. Yes, nice tone here. And everyone wonders why celebrities are so miserable...

  3. ...and I want this to be a song now, please. It would be gorgeous set to music. xo

  4. Weegee's image was a fine one for inspiration.

    In the moment, it's more often than not only about getting the picture. Interesting to think what questions might flash through the mind when the photographer is in that mode.


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