Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Not Constellations

Not Constellations

The Wretched Scythe. The Broom.
Penelope. The Great Tent. The Lesser
Tent. The New Visiting Professor.
The Human Skeleton. The Tomb

Figurine, Standing. The Tomb Figurine,
Dancing. The Cowering Servant.
Broken Arm. Shield with a Dent.
The Scribe. The Xerox Machine.

The Big Ear. Ophelia Wearing Flowers.
The Cow Skull. The Suspension Bridge.
The Apple Core. Half-Sun on the Ridge.
The Crumbling Chimney. The Tower

of Pisa. The Shattered Window.
The Half Dentures. The Pinky Toe.


  1. Applause. That was highly enjoyable.

  2. the toasted cheese ;)


  3. I love this - amazing that no has thought of this before, to evolve (or devolve) the mythologies in keeping with modern taste to make them more tangible. This a quite a collection of idols to worship: "the cowering servant," "the new visiting professor," "the big ear" and my favorite "the half dentures."

    It gives new meaning to the question "what's your sign?"

  4. Love this!!

    The Spiderwort. The Drooping Gloriosa.

  5. Such a fun poem, Hannah!

    the cat on the psychiatrist's couch
    the artist's tongue
    the iPad duster
    the species known as hip-hopper

    (Transit of Venus is tonight. Wish I had the right kind of protective glasses to see it.)

  6. I really like the idea of The Xerox Machine and The Pink Toe as constellations.

    Btw, this is my new name (formerly Susan Tiner). I just didn't want you to wonder who is writing all of these goofy comments :).


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