Monday, May 14, 2012



To make any room look bigger,
add a mirror. Now you have

two rooms, the mirror as glass
wall, as window. The illusion

of space counts as space.
A smaller plate makes portions

seem larger. First, we eat with
our eyes. An appetizer stimulates

the appetite by moderating hunger.
We use make-up to enhance

our features, meaning, to make
our eyes look bigger and more

open and more of the color
that they are, to exaggerate.

We make bulbs in shades like
Natural Light and Moonlight.


  1. "The illusion / of space counts as space." Ding!

  2. Good morning Hannah- you hit on what I have been obsessed with lately...I was thinking of adding specks of silver squares to our wall to make it look lighter and more spacious...and mirrors? what if I run into it...there is never enough space and light around... Wishing you and me a spacious week!

  3. I always appreciate your poems about illusion and perception. I also very much like the line Bill spotlighted.

  4. Illusions count for a lot. I agree with the above comments.

  5. I love the movement of this poem, too.

  6. Illusion and embellishment as a filter through which we perceive our world. Brilliant.


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