Wednesday, May 30, 2012

It Matters to Me

It Matters to Me

What did the ice cube say
to the kitchen counter.
Let me slip into something
more comfortable
We solids have it hardest,
don’t we, all crammed
up inside ourselves, content
and container. Where
does ice go once it becomes
water. Where does
the puddle go once it lifts
from itself, like smoke
leaving the flame. One day,
it will rain, and you
will wave, say, hello, puddle,
why, hello, ice cube,
I barely recognized you there.

And when the flood
you’ve come to love dries up,
you can think of it as
a piƱata in rewind, butterscotch
discs and chocolate-
flavored chews and wax-papered
bubble gum retreating,
a startled flock, sucked up from
the floor back into
the sealed belly of the donkey.


  1. If we can be the inside - not the outside - of a star-shaped cookie cutter, we can certainly be water in all its forms. Nice blend of detail, dialogue and inquisition keeps the solid thought in more liquid form. Those last 10 lines I feel more than understand - which is good.

    Also, thanks for paying respects to deviantart.

  2. I love the way this flows from liquid to solid and then the ending is very strong as well. I love the imagery you used -- very effectively.

  3. A poem that brings more than one smile.

  4. Those opening lines are killer!

  5. Yes, I agree with Drew. Love your opening lines. Love this.

  6. Likewise, love it, from start to finish. The surprise of the backwards pinata!

  7. oh god, you make me so happy)))) now, what are you really trying to say? form - what is anything really in its essence, and what are we?

    ha! you delight over and over again. this is deceivingly brilliant. one of my favorites of yours!!



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