Friday, May 11, 2012


Maybe this leaf-strewn sidewalk really is a field. Hmmm.....I could write about fields someday. Here is a list of potential topics/chapters:

Field of Dreams
Damon the Mower
Flanders Field
In the Clearing with Heidegger
Field Notes
Field Guides
Field Hockey (the only sport I was ever semi-interested in playing, but I was scared off after learning how much running and competitiveness was involved---not sure why I didn't expect this from a sport!)
The Color Field Movement

What am I missing?


  1. field work (also a volume by Heaney)
    field studies
    field & stream (my personal favorite)
    field filed fold fulm
    depth of field
    electromagnetic field

    you fieldin' me?

  2. I am way out in the left field...field of vision...I love the link you gave it

  3. I am fielding comments now, infidel that I feel I am, all filled up with fledgling feelings. Sometimes I wonder what it would have been like to play the field.

    Now this is going to bother me all day long.

  4. Field House(s)
    Field Mice
    Field Trip
    Field Glasses
    Field Goal
    Field of Honor (think dueling)

  5. Maybe nothing left for me to think of, but I'm interested in Damon the Mower.

  6. Field of Diamonds in the sky


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