Thursday, February 3, 2011



Shall I represent you.
Who is in need of a spokesperson.

I will speak on your behalf.
You will never want for words.

Carry me on your back.
I’ll cling to you, call out your needs

ahead of you, from over
your shoulder. I can assist you with

the most challenging tasks:
what to say in departures, how to go

away knowing you will not
return, will never see any of this.

Both parties share awareness
when somebody leaves. I will wrap

my arms around you from
the back, lean forward and tell you,

softly so that only you
will hear, They will be fine, and they

will remember. And then
my job, your public voice, I’ll yell,

Farewell, friends! Big smile
from me, and you will be facially

free to process this scene
however you like. My declarations

are steady, you can trust
that in me. I will be truthful for you,

but aware of who we speak
to, and what they need. Of all blizzards,

this one has been my favorite,
for example. Or, Please pardon this viral

infection, I am not quite myself,
when you are ill, coughing for hours,

stomach sore from the work.
In silence, you will feel so much more.


  1. I so look forward to your daily poem.

    Great line: "and you will be facially / free to process this scene".

  2. Yes, the line Maureen called out, that's the one I loved the best.

    You can be my spokesperson anytime!

  3. Wow. This is so wonderful. So timely.


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