Wednesday, February 9, 2011



Beware! You have been infected with spyware!
Every image you have looked at is still there,
there for all to see out in the internet.
Their monitors are periscopes.

Your account information! It is strung out
like sheets stretched their full wingspan
on a clothesline, backlit by sun.
Your numbers are showing!

It is there on every page you have seen,
infecting you! Anyone you’ve emailed
is at risk: your boss, children,
your third grade teacher.

Click here to remove any threat! Click here
now! This software will destroy your
information, your memory.
It could break your life.


  1. I love this. I really do.
    Give 'em something to worry about.

    (does this mean i'm infected?)

  2. yup, that's how it is...unpleasant! Now I will go and run my antivirus quickly xoxo

  3. Perfect evocation of the danger and the hype.

  4. Creepy. I can picture the periscopes.

  5. from Therese L. Broderick -- the exclamation point can do so much for a poem. This poem reminds me of Macbeth's omens.

    Yes, each one of us is a mini WikiLeaks.


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