Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I Could Care Less

I Could Care Less

I could care less,
I could,
but instead, I care
so much,
so phenomenally.
It happens
when we look, this
range-sized adoration
welling up
inside us in response
to all that
is present alongside
us, and all
that existed before
the human
thumb squeezed
the top of
the common era’s
The seven holes in our
heads help
us to take in what we
can of the
ever-altering wilderness
here for us,
with us. How is this not


  1. "I could care less,
    I could,
    but instead, I care
    so much,
    so phenomenally"

    I want this tattooed on my forehead, cos it's me to a tee.

  2. Where I'm located(Northern Indiana) no one is 'not' snow bound. There are no vehicles, at all, seemingly capable of mitilty.

    Times like these when all human life is forced to hibernate
    but for a moment and amybe are to be alone with their thoughts. This may create a condition whereby there is some introspection going on and wonder whether they "...could care less or care so phenomenally".

    Thank you for this re-stimulation, this incite to introspect.

  3. I am right there with Fireblossom. Only I want it on a teeshirt.

  4. Yes, me too, I want a T-Shirt with that first sentence.

  5. I love how you take that first line and turn it on its head.

    The structure is interesting. Reading down: "less,/ I care/ this / adoration/ response/alongside /before/squeezed / ... / in our/.../wilderness/not"

  6. You are the type to care and that is what makes you so lovely...xxoo

  7. Yes. Some of us just can't care less. Thank you.

  8. I was told that as I got older I would care less. The opposite is the case. I shall have this poem hewn in granite and placed on the mantlepiece above the fire.

  9. Hi Hannah,
    "How is this not collaboration?" I love this poem, what it says, and how you say it.


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